The Game Industry in India is seeing rapid growth for the last decade, and it's only getting bigger. There's a huge demand for game development professionals that are Industry-ready, and we have been helping create the new generation of game makers, be it in the fields of Game Design, Art, Programming.


We have been teaching and mentoring students since 2010 and have been a part of the journey of more than 3000 students who have found employment in game companies all over the world and also started their own game companies!  



We have partnered with several institutes to develop a curriculum for game development courses, conduct classes and also mentor student projects.


Backstage Pass, Hyderabad

Backstage Pass is India's oldest and well-known game development training college, and Rahul has been teaching here since 2010. He has developed the Game Design and Production Curriculum at BSP and also mentored several student game projects. 

Srishti Banlgalore

Srishti offers a Master's degree with a specialization in Game Design and development; we work with them to deliver classes, mould the curriculum and also mentor final projects.

VIT, Bhopal

One of India's best-known Engineering Colleges, VIT offers B.Tech courses with specialization in game development. Rahul is a member of the Board of Education, actively involved in developing the curriculum and is Visiting Faculty for this innovative course.