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Ambitius Magnus, the legendary Fortune Star, has been rumoured to be located somewhere in the outer reaches of the Milky Way.
It is said to be the source of unimaginable wealth. Intergalactic treasure hunters have been searching for it for millenia...in vain.

Until now.

Rudy is a treasure hunter from the planetary system Ooga. He's travelled seventy-five thousand light years to finally find the trail of the fortune star, and he's going to be RICH!!

Deftly manoeuver Rudy's little ship across trails of shiny gems, glittering crystal and powerful energy orbs to collect all the booty you can. You need to pick up booty in sequence of color or shape. Select tilt or touch controls and test your reflexes by avoiding mismatched objects and colors. Collecting energy orbs not only gives points, it also charges your PowerBar. Once it's full, let 'er rip and collect EVERYTHING! Get more booty to earn Gobbles, the currency of the Ooga star system, and upgrade your ship!
You'll also find some mysterious-looking boxes turning up once you start piling on the booty. Pick these up to get single-use upgrades!

StarTrail features:
  1. Intuitive dual control selection- TILT and TOUCH
  2. Stunning deep-space visuals; flying through space never looked so good!
  3. Simple but addictive gameplay
  4. Epic background music track
  5. Upgradeable spaceship! No in-app purchase required!
  6. Game Center leaderboard support
  7. Tutorial level
"StarTrail is impossible to put down!"-Zombie Gamer

"Smooth controls and simple but addictive gameplay."-TheGreatGamer

"This is one of the few games on the App Store that actually utilizes the accelerometer well."-BBGN
StarTrail runs too slowly. What can I do to speed it up?

If you have an iPhone 4 or later model, please try this: Close all other open apps and games, including StarTrail. Launch StarTrail again, this should fix the problem.

I think I found a bug in the game, what should I do?

Report the bug! StarTrail's still an early version, and we'll work hard to try and fix your problem in time for the next update. The sooner you report the problem, the sooner we can fix it! Email support@roachinteractive.com or use the contact form on the website and we can get working on your problem ASAP.

How are points calculated for each object on StarTrail?

The number of points depends on the color and shape of the 'booty' being picked up. There are three shapes of objects and four colors. Blue is the rarest color and so blue objects carry the most points followed by green, white and red which is the commonest color and gives the least points.
Similarly, Orbs are the rarest objects and carry the most points followed by gems and crystals.
So, to summarize- Blue Orbs are the rarest and give the most points and Red Crystals are the commonest and give the least points.

What are Gobbles? How do I get them and what do I do with them?

Gobbles are coins that you get as you pick up booty. On the game screen, the point score is shown on the right top corner in gray and the gobble score in yellow. This score keeps increasing as you pick up booty of different kinds. For every thousand (1000) points you make IN ONE GO, you get one gobble. For example:
If you make 2040 points in one run- you get two gobbles.
If you make 1990 points in one run- you get one gobble.
Gobbles keep adding up as you keep playing the game.
You can use these Gobbles to buy upgrades from the upgrade store, which is accessed from the Main menu as well as the Game Over menu.

What are the two bars on the right top corner?

Those are the Levitation fuel bar (circular) and the PowerBar (vertical). The levitation bar runs out as you levitate and charges as you stay down, and the PowerBar if filled by picking up Orbs. As soon as the PowerBar is full, the button starts to flash. To activate the powerup, just press the button!(a tip:Blue Orbs fill up the bar fastest!)

What are mystery boxes, those white gift-wrapped boxes that appear now and then?

Every time you score a thousand points and get a gobble, a mystery box appears after a while. If you pick it up, you get a single-use item. These are objects that you can use only for one run.

What are ship upgrades and how are they to be used? Do I have to pay extra for them?

Ship upgrades are improvements to your ship's performance that can be bought with Gobbles. They are permanent, as opposed to the single-use items. Once you buy an upgrade, it will apply to the ship permanently.

I love StarTrail! What can I do to help?

Tell all your friends and leave us a good review! Comments are also hugely appreciated.

StarTrail is too hard!

Try both tilt and touch controls (You can choose from the settings in the main menu). Once you have decided which control scheme you are more comfortable with, try playing the game staying in the right-most lane, picking up what you should and levitating to avoid what you can't. Once you get comfortable, start weaving in and out of lanes.

If I upgrade to the paid version of StarTrail, what happens to all the Gobbles I've earned? Do I lose them?

No you don't. Your hard-earned Gobbles will be carried over to the paid version of the game.